Friday, January 07, 2011

This is our dresser. It is an antique that my mom gave to us when we moved into our first house. The top two drawers are mine. They are very tiny..not very deep at all, so the only thing I keep in there are my socks, undies, and other unmentionables.
I completely cleaned them out, refolded everything and placed what was being kept back inside.
It will be much easier finding what I need.
All my other clothes sit on shelves in the closet.

Beautiful's a shame it is such a mess!

The top before! Can we say GROSS!!

The dresser after. I need to get my dragon fly hook hung up so I can hang up my other necklaces...otherwise it looks much better!

I am obsessed with old flower pins. I think it's safe to say that I have cleaned out the inventory in almost every gift shop in Jamestown!!

I bought this dish a very long time ago. It holds all of my flower pins.

Pajama Shelf Before.
The green bag is hiding birthday gifts for my little girl.

Pajama Shelf After: Need to buy some nice baskets to store them in!

Shelf before: A HUGE mess!

Shelf After: My tank tops are in a (small) container and my shirts are just folded. I have plans to get nicer baskets to sit on the shelf and contain my clothes.

Took me longer to complete this challenge this evening due to this little guy:

Came home sick from preschool with a fever....doesn't really want to break...which mean Urgent Care in the morning!


Sally said...

Okay, if I had known you had such a collection of old flower pins, I would have tried to steal them long ago! Great job, B! Poor Michael. :(

My world said...

looking nice! poor bubbas hope he feels better