Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 19: Master Closet

My closet needed help! My shoes needed help!
I purged a few clothing items, some shoes, purses, and moved my wedding dress and a couple of other formal dresses to my son's closet (he has a double closet in his room...seeing that he is 3 he doesn't need all of it).
The before pics:
all my stuff

see what i meant: Shoes need help!
the purses that are still hanging up...i think most of the rest were in my sitting area

And now the after pics:

I moved the suitcases to the shelf and hung up my pretty to look at!
The scarfs that I tend to wear a lot I hung on a scarf hanger that I snagged at the See Spot Save section in Target.

My dresses and longer type of tops hang here now. Boots on shelf above and I straightened out my shoes too.

I do have more clothes to put away but they were being washed still.
The baskets on the bottom shelf hold my shirts, tank tops, and shorts.
On the top shelf I have more scarves in the purple bin. The hat box holds even more scarves, hats, and some belts.
my husbands side. Most of his clothes are in the dresser. The top half holds all his work uniforms and the bottom consists of all his button up shirts in a total of 4-5 colors only....
I'm slowly trying to get him to venture out on the whole color palate thing.


Sally said...

Oh my!!! Job well-done. Can you come do mine now???

Amy said...

Good job!!! You are rocking at this! :-)

sabrina said...

Thanks girls!!

My world said...

cute purses!!