Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 wonderful years..

have gone by with such a fun loving little girl! My baby girl is now 4 years old!
We had a small gathering for her with a Scottie Dog/Polka Dot theme. It came out very cute...I'll be sure to post some pics later. However for now I leave you with birthday pics from the last 4 years!
Her first picture.....January 27th 2005
January 27th 2006....1 years old

January 27th 2007....2nd Birthday
January 27th 2008......3rd Birthday

January 27th 2009.....4 years old

Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Fishing Trip

So Kara has been wanting to go fishing ever since she got her Sponge Bob fishing pole for Christmas. We decided that we would leave early this morning and head up to Lake McClure.
We first went to Horse Shoe Bend.............we didn't see any action at all....Kara became easily bored but still enjoyed herself.

I love this picture of Michael and Wayne
Kara let Michael had a turn with her pole

Proof that I was there....

After we didn't see anything we got a tip from the Ranger guy that there was a lot of action over at Barret's Cove (south ramp). So we decided to make a stop.
my sweet little girl bouncing along with daddy.
Look...she's sitting on the tackle box...too cute!
(I was in the truck because Michael fell asleep on the way...did not want him to wake up).

Wayne is supervising!
Kara actually caught her very 1st fish here! We were so excited for her...she was really excited!! Wayne said she did most of the work reeling it in just needed a little bit of help.
A very proud Daddy with Kara and her fish!!

Kara's 1st fish.....a whole 13 inches long

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Pics from Donavan!

Last weekend Donavan joined Kara and I at my sister's house to take Kara's 4th Birthday Pictures. She did a wonderful job and I couldn't imagine anything more.

Excited for her upcoming birthday party!!

one of my faves!!

my sweet baby girl!

This little girl has changed my life so much! She has made it so much richer than it ever was before. I can't believe she is going to be 4!! One more year and my baby girl will be going to kindergarten...which she told me she can't wait until she is grown up and can go to school with me!
Thank you so much Donavan for capturing these great shots of my Miss Kara Mae!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Someone will be the big 4 soon.....

In 24 days Kara will be 4 years old! I can't believe how time has flown by.This year I am making her birthday party invites....We are doing a Scottie Dog/
Polka Dot theme. It matches her birthday dress that she got for Christmas.
Below is an almost completed birthday invite...
I adore it!!