Sunday, July 27, 2008


Weekly Saturday play dates are fun!
The older ones...Charlotte, Kara, and Rachel
The two younger ones....Michael and Madison

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dress fittings

So we finally got to go and try on our wonderul, sassy dresses for Lacey and Billy's wedding! I absolutly love the dresses and excited because it is actually the first strapless dress I have ever worn....gotta work on making the tan lines disappear......spray tan anyone!?!
Had to have my cute shoes in the shot....

This is the dress that Chelsea and Scarlett are going to wear. They look great on them!

Monday, July 21, 2008

If your happy and you know it....

Kara did her adorable hip hop dance at the fair this year!

raise the roof
now dance!!

we're gonna stomp the floor...

peace out!

Fair Time

We took the kids to the fair and they enjoyed themselves. We ventured into the animal barns and they got to ride the ponies....stayed away from the rides, not quite ready for that.

We thought this was pretty cool....Wayne liked it a lot..a bbq shaped like a gun!

Michael loved the little chicks

I love this pic

Kara on her pony named Romeo

Michael's very 1st pony ride ever on Whisper! He loved it..a true cowboy

My little firefighter

Kara also had a sleepover at grandmas. This was the first time she had asked to sleep over there. She didn't even want me to come inside...kept turning around telling me good bye mommy..go home!

Some Michael space....

Michael is such a silly boy! He is learning so many new things every day. I often catch him trying to mess with his sister when she has fallen asleep on the couch. And for the record...she never wakes up which is probably lucky for Michael!!



aww.....she needed a hug

nose.....what you don't see is that right after I snapped the picture he nearly had his finger in her nose!

and now he's done

because it's so much more fun playing IN the toy basket

silly Michael

Kara's Recital

At the end of June Kara had her BIG recital for Danisa's School of Dance. She did a fabulous job and was the cutest ballerina ever!

practicing before at grandmas

getting ready for the doll dance

Kara got a boquet of flowers from Mommy and Daddy and some roses from Grandma...she loved them!!