Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Darn you Sally!! Thanks for tagging me, now you are making me think.....
This Tuesday's Ten: Ten Plans for the Summer.Here goes!

1. Finish painting my room and the master bath
2. Enjoy my very short summer vacation before going back to work
3. Start working in Merced! YEA!!!
4. Spend all my free time with Kara and Wayne
5. Celebrate my 3 year wedding anniversary
6. Try to get organized in many areas. YUCK!
7. Who knows.....maybe try for baby #2.....all depends on Wayne
8. Relax with friends and family
9. Take Kara to the Zoo and Beach
10. Enjoy watching Sally turn 32. Ha Ha!! No really, enjoy all the summer birthdays coming up!!

So I am tagging Donavan and anyone else who would like to be tagged

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Derek Wayne King Jr.

Our family has received such wonderful news in the last week!! Last Tuesday, my cousin Derek and his wife, Misty welcomed their beautiful baby boy. Derek Jr. weighed in at 7 lbs 13oz and was 20 in long.
Tonight, my other cousin and his wife C.C. welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world. Born at 7:15pm, Joseph Robert Marsh weighed in at 7lbs 12oz. His grandma said he has black hair and big hands!! Both mom and baby are doing great!
Joseph Robert Marsh

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can we say cheeeessseee!!!

We love to give the cheesiest grins, anything to make mommy laugh!
This was right before she attacked me and the camera!
In the past couple of days Kara has been into carrying a purse and wearing her sunglasses! Doing pretty good in the first picture.....and then she decided to wear it as a hat! Which brings me to another point....she also loves to put things on her head ranging from clothes (shorts and shirts) to boxes, buckets, etc. I know, my child is very talented!

The Great Outdoors

Kara seems to have a fondness for looks like she is searching for treasure! I wonder what it could be.........

Taking a stroll around the back yard. Our grass is coming in wonderfully and Kara loves to roam around. We were supposed to be swimming in her brand new pool, however Kara had other ideas!

Miss independent.....

I just love this picture! I look at it and see how big my little baby is getting. She loves to walk especially outside! Once you put her down, she is gone. Kara is becomming more and more independent everyday! She isn't a big fan of holding hands while walking. She loves for you to chase her, and started to run from me after I snapped this picture.

Radio Flyer fun!

Kara just loves to go for rides in her all terrain wagon! She's pretty good about staying seated, especially since this one doesn't have the convient seat belts.

She is always very interested in watching her shadow travel right along side of her. I've even caught her talking to it once in awhile!