Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We've been going swimming quite a bit at Corinna and Tim's house lately. The kids love the pool and I am excited to say that Trevor is finally comfortable going in without a life jacket! For some reason he was just really timid in the pool. Well look out!! You can't stop him now!
This is his dive!! So funny in person!

...and his other favorite jump...the cannon ball!

...such a cute little splash! Oh and I can't forget to mention Kara in the background..hanging out in her favorite spot..the steps!

Band Awards

A week ago we went to Chelsea's band awards. The Boosters did a wonderful job decorating the Weaver Gym. They laid out a red carpet for the honorees to walk on. They had a Hummer Limo out front for pictures! It was awesome.Our Band Star! She's always posing!!

Like I said...always posing!

Mr. Jones....he was talking about Chelsea...

Waiting patiently......

Receiving her medal!

....and this is just a really cute picture of a very proud mommy!!!

Fishing with the Rawlings

We spent our Memorial Day fishing in the morning with Adrian, Rachel, and Charlotte (they recently got Princess fishing poles). Call us crazy but we managed to get 4 kids up and ready to leave by 6:30am!

Miss Rachel

already a pro

Adrian and his fishing partners

Kara concentrating on being really still and quiet....didn't last very long!

The girls....for the life of me I couldn't get them to all look at the camera at the same time.

They found a wasn't in good shape..but they found it very interesting.

Michael and Charlotte
Miss Charlotte

Adrian finally got to fish....he spent a lot of time getting the girls' lines unstuck....

Michael..(he yelled NO PICTURE..after I took this one)!

After about an hour and a half Wayne finally caught a fish (Kara has already caught two from previous trips)!

Well.....look really close...can you see the fish?!?! It was the tiniest thing ever....a whopping 3 inches long!

It deserved a close-up!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Such a Sweetheart!

That's our Kara! She is such a character. Life with a 4 year old can be very interesting. She is constantly asking questions about everything...and if you don't have an answer for her (or at least one that she likes) she will respond with Well you need to think about it!" Kara has become a very thoughtful little lady. Everyday she asks me how my day at work was and wants to know everything that I did then follows up with.....well I want to be just like you mommy!Daddy's little fishing partner
She was actually practicing her dance recital song here

Here's my sweet girl....hammin it up for the camera!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Baby turns 2!!!

Michael is the big 2!! I can't believe how time has flown by!! Michael is such a handsome little guy with a great personality. He definately keeps us on our toes!!!some serious blue eyes

His sister definately loves him...can't you tell

He colored his face with a sharpie marker....thank goodness baby wipes got it all off

so sweet

He picked out his clothes.....and insisted on wearing his rain boots. He has a great sense of fashion.

I love this picture

and this is just too cool

Busted!!! I caught Michael in daddy's office with Wayne's hat on and his had exerciser thing-a- ma-jig.