Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Well today is my 31st Birthday! I've already been spoiled the past couple of days with roses from Wayne, lunch and cheesecake from a co-worker, a new flat iron, shampoo, and goodies from Donavan, a gift card for my favorite shopping spot....Target from Sally, and today I get to spend the evening with my family at a BBQ at my parents house. I was going through some pictures I had on my computer and came across these old ones....they were scanned and unfortunately they had scanned all weird....but I think the subject of the photos makes up for it all...HAHA!
This was the day I came home from the hospitalummm.....I think I am around 3 months old here
have no clue how old I am here.....7-8 months maybe 9....who knows
This is my kinder yeah!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.....maybe they gave you a good laugh!
I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for all the birthday goodies and wishes!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

more wedding pics

Donavan took some great pictures of us getting ready and some at Courthouse Park that I wanted to share with everyone......buttoning up Lacey's dress My mom, me, and Corinna
Me, Billy, and Corinna

Chelsea, Scarlett, and my Kara
The Bridal Party
My Handsome Michael

Wedding Reception.....

Yesterday was my brother Billy's and Lacey's wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception in my parent's backyard. My mom did a wonderful job on the backyard....Se also made Lacey's wedding dress! I only have a few pics so far but will post more later.Miss Lacey
Hi Sally! Yes I am taking a picture of you!
Corinna and I

First Dances....they each dedicated a song to eachother.....hers to him was Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend"...and he chose...Kenny Roger's "Lady"

Corinna taking a picture of me as I was taking a picture of her.....we do this occasionally.