Thursday, May 29, 2008

Michael's 1st Haircut....

So we decided that Michael need a haircut...his bangs were way down on the forehead and the hair was down over his ears! My mom did the honors and Michael sat pretty well until the very end. So the back is a little shorter than I wanted but it will grow fast.the before.....

the after!!

I was trying to get a good side view...wasn't thrilled with this one.. so I took another...not too great either
I had to include a couple of pictures of my sweet Kara!!
she loves her sketti-os

Michael had his 1st PB&J sandwhich a couple of weeks ago.....he LOVED it!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


For quite some time Wayne and I have been going back and forth about giving away our dog Roxy aka Puppy (that's what Kara called her up until recently). She has been a sweet member of our family since December 30, 2006. We have been trying to fix up our backyard and miss Roxy was wanting to chew up all the sprinklers and flower pots and what not. Well with Wayne working a lot of hours and us not being able to spend a lot of time with her, we thought it would be best to give her to a family that either had another dog or kids to play with her. Well a friend and co-worker of mine just happended to be looking for another dog so their's would have a playmate and decided she would love to have Roxy. She has a sweet 2.5 year old daughter who was very excited about getting another dog. Yesterday was the day we said good bye to Roxy. I didn't think it would be hard to and it didn't affect me until I walked back into the house.....then the tears started flowing! In my heart I know we did the right thing and maybe when the kids are older and can take an active part in taking care of a dog we will try again. But for now I leave you with a few pictures of our sweet Roxy...... The day we got Roxy...Dec 30, 2006Kara reading Roxy a bedtime story

Last April at the park
The only picture of me with Roxy, Kara, and Michael (in the tummy).

Kara helping to walk Roxysuch a happy the smile

Kara loved being near Roxy or puppy and she would say

one of my favorite pictures of Wayne and Roxy-taken last month

This is Miss Mackenzie...the proud new owner of Roxy.

I know the Spielman family will love and take awesome care of Roxy and she will be very happy with them! And I know we can visit her if we would like!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


goes out to my best friend Donavan!! She graduated from Merced College tonight. I was very proud to be there with her family and cheer for her as she walked across that stage. Donavan has worked hard and deserves all the special attention she is receiving this evening!! So Donavan all I have to say is, "I got you babe!!!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Updates Galore...

Things have been so busy in my neck of the woods. Work has been extremely crazy....end of the year testing and whatnot. Lots of things happening at the Butler household too. Michael is officially facing forward in his carseat now. He loves much more to see and enjoy instead of the back of the seat. He says Mama, Dada, something that sounds like "bye"...and he pretends to snore! He has 10 yes 10 teeth....which he has been biting at his sister with....not fun. Kara is doing great too. We are still going to's slowly getting better. Hopefully she will be all ready for her big recital in June. Potty training is progressing very very slowly. Anyways enjoy the pics.... I think Michael looks a bit like my brother did when he was this age...

Daddy dressed Kara in Michael's "9 month" size pants!!
Sooo I think Michael has seen me on the phone way to much....what do you think?
Trying to put away groceries and I found this....

Michael loves to do this now...

Pics from Wayne's birthday

I wanted to share a couple of pics from Wayne's suprise party....sadly I didn't take that much of the guests.....Vera created this wonderful cake for me.....she did a FABULOUS job!! The cattails were made out of chocolate and the real bullets were given to me from Aarin
My handsome man
Kara peeking through the plants...this is a favorite picture of mine
This was actually taken the weekend before. We attended our good friends Charlotte and Rachel at their 3rd birthday party and made these fabulous crowns! Kara insisted on wearing her crown with her princess crown pjs!!

Some of the fun festivities

county girls and country is hard getting all 5 of them to look at the camera at the same time
Miss Maddie playing with a ball
Michael "pinning" the udder on the cow
Charlotte....the winner!!

Gunny sack races! Tim against Chelsea

Kara loved the races

giving Rachel some extra help!

Finally some Birthday pics.... I finally sat down and went through all the pictures I had from Michael's 1st birthday party! We had a fun "Farm" themed party complete with sack races, face painting, and a "pin the udder on the cow" game.

I added the sign and farm animals to this wonderful cake from RaleysI made "haystack" cupcakes

digging in
he had more fun destroying the cake than eating it!
he screamed when I tried to take the cake away
Do I have something on my face??
enjoying lemonaide and cupcakesthe goody bags

"Pin the udder on the cow"

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday.....

My special little guy is the big 1 year old today!! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. Michael is amazing. He has the sweetest smile, the biggest and brightest blue eyes, and a great laugh that will make you laugh. Michael has learned and grown so much.....he has a total of 8 teeth already, has been walking since he was 10.5 months, loves to feed himself unless it's on a spoon...and loves his big sister, Kara, to death!! Although I am sad that he is my last baby that I get to experience all the wonderful "baby's firsts".....I look forward to watching him learn and grow into the world of Toddlerhood and beyond.

The first time I held was love at first sight!!

Donavan captured this photo during his first bath.....I love his bright eyes.....

Yester day we celebrated with our wonderful family and friends as a "Farm" themed party at Grandmas and Papa's house. Pics will be posted later.....I gotta get to work..