Thursday, December 31, 2009

Camera Happy

So on Christmas Day I was feeling a bit silly and decided to take pictures with just about everyone who was there. Now there are some pictures that aren't making it on the blog by request of the other person!
Tim...this is the norm for him!
Scarlett is just as goofy as can be...

Couldn't forget about Lacey! I don't think she knows about this!! took 3 takes before she was happy..

Chelsea..the queen of "Hey my eyes were closed!"

Silly my baby brother!
Ok enough of being silly!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Donavan has been taking our Christmas Card picture for the last 4 years..and once again she did an awesome job!

My kids love to move around...and Donavan would probably put in that I wasn't THAT cooperative a couple of times this year. She kept telling Wayne he was doing a PERFECT job!! Well this is what I have to say to Wayne being sooo perfect.......

...and here is just a beautiful shot of our Christmas Tree!

Thank you again Donavan for taking our pictures!

Merry Christmas everyone!