Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy 28th Birthday Cousin Robert

Happy Drr Day Obert, as Kara would say! The Bulters want to wish him a very happy happy birthday. I love this picture of him with his little guy Joseph!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happenings at the Butler House

The past week has been kinda crazy around the house and whatnot. Potty training is slowly progressing. It started out that Kara wouldn't go on the toilet or her potty chair at all for Mommy or Daddy. She would sit on it just wouldn't go. I have been doing a lot of laundry, she would go through all 6 of her panties in one day....not fun! The past few days she has actually gone at least twice on the toilet for me each day. I was so excited the first time she did!! Kara finished up her swimming class yesterday. It was fun spending some quality mommy and Kara time at the college. At the end of class yesterday they put the kids on the diving board and had them jump (well technically they were lowered down to another instructor in the pool) but Kara enjoyed it and even did it brave little girl!! Apparently Kara has also become quite the artist. On our way out the door to swim class she kept saying colors wall mommy and pointed to the wall in the hallway. And what did I find......some nice scribbling of multiple colors...even purple as she pointed out to me. I was SHOCKED because she has always been very careful with her crayons. I couldn't give her a time out as we were running late as it was so I calmly asked her if she colored anywhere else and she replied with an innocent smile ", no mommy!" After swim class we made a stop at the store to pick up the wonderful Magic Eraser...and I absolutely love it! I included some pics of her art work that I hope you enjoy and one of me and the kids at the end of the day. I look terrible and tired but I couldn't help sharing what happens each night right before least she used many colors
proud of her art!
me at the end of the day....exhausted but still loving the kids

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun at the Fair

Tonight we went to the Fair to see Phil Vassar in concert! He puts on such an awesome show. We met up with Aunt Corinna, Uncle Tim, and cousins, Cousin Brian and Lisa (it was also Brian's birthday), Uncle Billy, Lacey, and Great Aunt Cheryl (visiting from Arkansas). Grandma Vivian was supposed to be there too but she ended up with a very bad migrane..ouch! Anyways, Kara got to go for a ride on the ponies, her's was named Root Beer. She rode around with hardly making a sound let alone a smile. She even rolled her eyes at the photographer!! Michael looked at everything and then slept through the entire concert. But once we were home, he was wide awake and in such a good mood!
Kara enjoying a pony ride
Stopping for a picture on her pony...Root Beer! (she wouldn't smile)
Almost a smile

Michael enjoying his first trip to the Fair and his first concertLoving on his Baby Neptune after the Fair

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

Happy 31st Birthday manly man you!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Way to go Scarlett!!

Scarlett showed Gus at the Merced County Fair today and did very well! She won 1st place in her weight class, her 4H group got 2nd place overall, and she placed 8th in Showmanship. We are all extremely proud of Scarlett!!
Waiting to enter the ring

Walking Gus

Showing off her 1st place blue ribbon (she was still in shock)!!

Agustus the Great..aka..Gus

Scarlett decided she wanted to join Weaver 4H and has been raising a goat named Gus. They are off to the Merced County Fair where she will show him and then auction him off on Saturday. I took a few pics of the 2 of them yesterday and I hope you enjoy.
The one and only Gus
Scarlett and Gus posing for the camera
Scarlett showing off her sign(Grandma Vivian made it) that she will hang on Gus's pen at the fair.

Happy Birthday Sally!!!

Happy Birthday Sally (with Michael at 3 weeks)!!!
We love you!

Adventures in Potty Training

Call us crazy but we are working on potty training Kara. We've been planning this for quite awhile, but with a new baby in the house Kara clearly wasn't ready to take on this huge job. About 2 weeks ago Kara told Grandma that she wanted to use the potty and she DID!! So I tried to get her to use it for me and she wouldn't. Well yesterday at Aunt Corinna's house, while mommy was in the pool Kara told Lacey that she had to go pee in the potty. Once again she did it!! So we now know she is ready whether we want her to or not. We went and bought her some training panties and plastic cute.

Kara looking cute in her plastic pants!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It still fits....well sorta!

As I was going through Kara's old baby clothes for our yard sale I realized how hard it is to get rid of her clothes. I could remember when she wore each outfit for the first time. I weeded through 8 boxes of clothes and kept 3. I decided to keep all her special clothes she wore during her 1st year of life. I even had to have some fun with her in her very 1st Easter dress.She wore this dress when she was 2 months old!! The sad thing is, I could still button it up in the back
Just a little short...but isn't that the style now?
Michael smiling at Grandma

Just some pics

Here are some pics that I have taken recently and just wanted to share with you. Some of my faves!My sweet Kara...melts my heart!
A very tanned Auntie Corinna and Michael
My Michael...I can just stare at him all day long...isn't he handsome
Sisters! I love this picture of Chelsea and Scarlett!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Swim lessons

Today Kara started swim lessons. We are taking a Parent and Me class at the college.
Kara had a great time singing songs and playing around in the water...she can't wait to go back tomorrow!
Doing the Hokey Pokey in the water...that is a first for me.
.....put both feet in and you shake them all about!
Tummy floating....

Look at how we've grown....

I thought it would be neat to take some pics of all the that we are all grown, married with kids...Well not all the cousins, just the ones that live in Californina...yes there are more of us...
We started with 9 of us.....

Kelli, Katie, Me, and CorinnaRobert, Billy, Brian, Derek, and Dean ...and after the weddings and kids there are now approximately 32 of us!!

Summertime BBQ

This past Sunday we headed up to Modesto to enjoy a HUGE family bbq. We got to enjoy eachothers company, and visit with our cousin's from Texas and an Aunt from Arkansas. The boys having a football throwing contest. They were seeing who could throw it and make it into a trash can on the other side of the playground....silly boys!
Our beautiful girls....cousins enjoying some dessert. Kara, Scarlett, Savannah, Stephi, and Chelsea
Joseph Marsh and Derek Jr.
They had a blast playing in the ice!

Kendall and Alexis came all the way from Texas!
Grandma and Michael enjoying the shade


Having fun!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Tim

Happy Birthday Tim!! My brother-in-law turns 33 today!!
We wish him a very happy day. This is the most recent pic I have of him...holding Michael right after he was born.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July and Michael is 2 months old..

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. It was Michael's first and he enjoyed it all. Kara loved the fireworks at Grandma and Papa's and Michael slept through most of them. Michael is now 2 months old and loves to smile and be talked to.
My adorable kids
Kara..The All American Girl
Michael's first 4th of July
Kara showing Michael his cool toys on his surfboard tummy mat

Splashing around in the pool...

We headed over to Aunt Corinna's house for an afternoon of swimming before fireworks.
Kara had a blast in the pool...even let us put her under water! She is definately ready for swim lessons. Michael enjoyed it too....from his view on Grandma's lap.

Kicking with Papa




Getting ready to go under...

Such a brave girl!

Michael enjoying the view from the shade
Kara and Daddy
ahhh...the nice cool water on a very HOT day!!

Splashing Daddy
Kicking back with Trevor after swimming