Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun at the Fair

Tonight we went to the Fair to see Phil Vassar in concert! He puts on such an awesome show. We met up with Aunt Corinna, Uncle Tim, and cousins, Cousin Brian and Lisa (it was also Brian's birthday), Uncle Billy, Lacey, and Great Aunt Cheryl (visiting from Arkansas). Grandma Vivian was supposed to be there too but she ended up with a very bad migrane..ouch! Anyways, Kara got to go for a ride on the ponies, her's was named Root Beer. She rode around with hardly making a sound let alone a smile. She even rolled her eyes at the photographer!! Michael looked at everything and then slept through the entire concert. But once we were home, he was wide awake and in such a good mood!
Kara enjoying a pony ride
Stopping for a picture on her pony...Root Beer! (she wouldn't smile)
Almost a smile

Michael enjoying his first trip to the Fair and his first concertLoving on his Baby Neptune after the Fair

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The Mom! said...

joseph did the pony ride too. not too excited about it at first, but it turned out okay!