Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It still fits....well sorta!

As I was going through Kara's old baby clothes for our yard sale I realized how hard it is to get rid of her clothes. I could remember when she wore each outfit for the first time. I weeded through 8 boxes of clothes and kept 3. I decided to keep all her special clothes she wore during her 1st year of life. I even had to have some fun with her in her very 1st Easter dress.She wore this dress when she was 2 months old!! The sad thing is, I could still button it up in the back
Just a little short...but isn't that the style now?
Michael smiling at Grandma

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The Mom! said...

i love your recent blog updates! and i know how you feel about getting rid of the clothes... it's SO hard! i have a ton of stuff that is being held onto for "the next one!"