Monday, July 16, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

Call us crazy but we are working on potty training Kara. We've been planning this for quite awhile, but with a new baby in the house Kara clearly wasn't ready to take on this huge job. About 2 weeks ago Kara told Grandma that she wanted to use the potty and she DID!! So I tried to get her to use it for me and she wouldn't. Well yesterday at Aunt Corinna's house, while mommy was in the pool Kara told Lacey that she had to go pee in the potty. Once again she did it!! So we now know she is ready whether we want her to or not. We went and bought her some training panties and plastic cute.

Kara looking cute in her plastic pants!!!


Sally said...

She's rockin' those plastic drawers!

The Mom! said...

congrats on the major milestone... and i wanted to say i love your new graphic on the top of your blog! very nice!