Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun at the park!

Our housing tract finally has a park installed! We took Kara over and brought along Roxy for some playground fun. Kara was not afraid to take on the playground by herself....after all she is a BIG 2 year old now!!
Kara had fun trying to get Roxy to chase her.....unfortunately Roxy was told to stay! Roxy did an awesome job with her job at hand.

Belly Buddies.......

Here are some pictures of Donavan and I. Donavan is expecting her first baby, a girl, anytime now. She is almost 39 weeks. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my little boy. Thank you to Sally and Aarin (Donavan's husband) for taking the pictures!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

We got the crazy idea to start potty training Kara. Last night after dinner, we finally went and bought Kara her new potty chair! Her pediatrician suggested that we have her sit on it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well today I did just that....only she wouldn't go after breakfast or lunch. Obviously, I am thinking..."is she even ready for this?" I know, I know..we just started, should give it some more time. Well after dinner I had her sit on it while I was warming her bath water. I kept asking her if she was going pee-pee, and of course she kept answering with ", No Mommy!" When her bath was ready she stood up and sure enough she had gone potty! I was very excited and gave my BIG girl high fives. We got so excited we had to call daddy in and show him what she did. I am still wondering if we are all ready for this new adventure. My goal would be for her to be completely potty trained when Michael is born. We shall see..........

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A few pics from Kara's party

Kara had a blast at her birthday party!! Some friends and family came over to celebrate. Thank you to all for the wonderful gifts she received!

Kara enjoying opening her gifts!

Stylin' in her Strawberry Shortcake hat

Blowing out the candles

Charlotte enjoying her yummy cupcake!

Rachel sporting some yummy green frosting!