Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a way..... end Spring Break. Michael is now walking pretty much everywhere. This morning he kept messing with one of my indoor garden statues. Just as I got over to him he dropped it on his foot and ripped the toe nail off of his big toe! Luckily daddy was home and got it all bandaged up and off we went to Urgent Care. They took x-rays, thank goodness nothing was broke. So now Michael is sportin a nice big band-aide on his foot. He was a good sport and didn't cry much while we were there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Michael attacks....

This was the scene a couple of nights ago.............luckily I stopped him from attacking his sister as she peacefully slept on the couch!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter: Part 2

We had a great Easter at my parent's house. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and hunting eggs! Michael hunted plastic eggs while Kara finally got to hunt the "real" ones with the big kids."Our Family Picture"
aren't they cute?!?!
Papa working hard pushing both on the swings
Michael loves to swing...
....and now he loves the slide
Kara and Trevor hunting

Michael still didn't get the idea that you had to pick the eggs up and put them in your year he will be a pro
Papa letting Michael play with the wind chime
silly boy

Hey the bubbles!!

Kara spots an egg..........she got it!! proud of her find!

Chelsea, Scarlett, Trevor, Kara, & Michael the end of the egg hunt

It's Easter Time.....

This Easter was a special was Michael's first!! Michael didn't take part in the egg decorating because he was asleep but he did enjoy everything else!!
Kara and her eggsMichael with his cow and chick toy from the Easter Bunny
Kara was so excited about this duck that the Easter Bunny left her
Hunting for eggs in the house
Daddy and the kids

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Michael...... so into putting things into his mouth. Seriously, it doesn't matter what it is, if he can pick it up the first place it goes is to his mouth. He is really into getting his sister's toys to drool all over, being very careful not to do it while she is watching!! If she sees him with any of her toys it turns into a screaming fit on both ends. I would have to say he is teething once again and we have been keeping an eye out for the 8th tooth to appear! poor Strawberry Shortcake doesn't stand a chance against Michael's drool

she's hanging on for dear life!

so after Strawberry Shortcake Michael moved onto a carrot that goes in Kara's play kitchen

Michael was safe drooling on Kara's prized toys because his sister was safe and sound asleep on the back of the couch.....
....yes my friends, she often falls asleep in the strangest of places. I believe on this night she was pretending to be a kitty cat!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Recital Time...

So Kara has been going to Denisa's School of Dance for 5 weeks now and lets just say based on her behavior in class I have been very worried about her. During practice she is constantly running back and forth between the group and me......lets just say she has a very, very, very small attention span! Last week got better, she actually stayed out there for the entire warm-up routine.....but then she got a time out during the bunny dance. was her very first "mini" recital at the mall in front of the Easter Bunny. I wasn't sure how she was going to do.
We met the group on the mall and walked to the center court with the Easter Bunny and let me just say she was awesome. She was timid at first but was trying hard to make all the moves. I was so very proud of my "little dancer" that I had to fight back the tears!!
Here are some pics from the performance....enjoy!
...the before shot

.....I love this shot of her from behind
....Benny the Magic Bunnygetting her egg and slinky