Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Darn you Sally!! Thanks for tagging me, now you are making me think.....
This Tuesday's Ten: Ten Plans for the Summer.Here goes!

1. Finish painting my room and the master bath
2. Enjoy my very short summer vacation before going back to work
3. Start working in Merced! YEA!!!
4. Spend all my free time with Kara and Wayne
5. Celebrate my 3 year wedding anniversary
6. Try to get organized in many areas. YUCK!
7. Who knows.....maybe try for baby #2.....all depends on Wayne
8. Relax with friends and family
9. Take Kara to the Zoo and Beach
10. Enjoy watching Sally turn 32. Ha Ha!! No really, enjoy all the summer birthdays coming up!!

So I am tagging Donavan and anyone else who would like to be tagged

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