Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 3: Kitchen Cabinet Overhaul

Day 3: Messy tupperware cabinet!
Well in my attempt to clean up the tupperware cabinet it turned into cleaning up almost every cabinet and rearranging them!!
This was my tupperware cabinet/children's plates, cups, bowl cabinet.
I tossed the sippy cups (we haven't used for a while) and took everything out.

This is that same cabinet afterwards. I decided to move all my mixing bowls to this cabinet.

I have a small narrow cabinet where I kept most kitchen appliances (I've already removed most of them). This is embarassing to say but the crumbs from the toaster have been there for over a year!!!

I cleaned it all out with my Clorox spray anywhere cleaner (a new thing I bought when the kids were sick).

Went through all my tupperware and tossed what was missing lids and put some in the give away pile. It fits much better in this cabinet.

I didn't take a before picture of my dishes cabinet but decided to take and after.
I moved my kids' bowls and plates to this cabinet and took many coffee cups (we don't even drink coffee) and added them to my give away pile.

The other side of the dishes cabinet. I do have more glasses than this though...washing!

My pots and pans cabinet and whatever else I managed to shove in there.

Pots and pans after

This cabinet was a disaster! I held my glass bowls, casserole dishes and whatever else!

back corner of that cabinet

After: My kitchen appliances fit much better!

Holds my seasonal dishes too...way in the back!

This is my give away pile just from tonight's cleaning/organizing!!


Sally said...

Wow! Great job, Sabrina! I have that food processor. :)

Megan said...

Wow!! That's awesome. You aren't holding back at all!

Jen said...

Wow! Great job with all those cabinets.

Cyndi said...

i love how this challenge inspires even more than the task at hand!

also, that is an impressive give-away pile!

sabrina said...

Thanks for all the love guys!
Megan if I hold back then I won't do very much at all!!

My world said...

looks nice!

Twigs and Twirls said...

Great job !!! You are just exploding with organization !!