Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Linen Cabinets=DONE!

I have a set of cabinets at the top of my stairs. These serve as my linen cabinets.

Most of the time the top shelf space is full of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away....I'm lucky I don't have many visitors that come upstairs!

Embarassing to show..but this is what it looked like before. Clean laundry mixed with a crate of clothes to go in a yard sale. The piece of particle board is actually the bottom of my son's crib. I am planning on recycling it and making a padded headboard for his room. I used the one from my daughters the same way.

The cabinet I keep my books in

Took out a couple of books and re-shelved the others

Before: blankets and tablecloths

After: neatly folded. Added some to my yard sale pile. Table clothes are in the clear zip bag (I plan on investing in some space saver bags).

Upper cabinets before: sheets, pillowcases...really sad looking.

After: The clean sheet sets are neatly folded.

The top shelf holds fabric my kid's baby stuff...future project..cutting into quilt squares.

I also house my personal toolbox in this cabinet since there was lots of space.

This cabinet mainly held blankets for my two kiddos. I pulled some out to give away to some expecting moms and the rest were added to the main cabinet with all other blankets.

The cabinet now holds the kids' sleeping bags and our snow clothes.
Darn snow pants are too puffy (made it hard to fold flat)!

The top shelf space still looks like this...but for good reason!

All of this is what I am putting in my yard sale!

And while I was cleaning and organizing my 3 year old son snuck my camera away and took this picture of his sister.....

Kara....waiting for her bedtime story!


C.C. said...

I'm doing a de-clutttering program as well. Have you seen the online video, the story of stuff? You should totally watch it. I WISH I had a linen closet. My linen closet are rolling totes that store under the bed : ( Oh well. The joys of living in a small old country house! Love seeing your pics Sabrina, you are such a renaissance woman in every way!!

Megan said...

Please tell me this isn't all your books?! Great job on organizing. And I love the picture of Kara Mae.

sabrina said...

They are two rows deep on the middle shelf.
I do have some in my bedroom that I need to put back.
Really it's sad....Wayne has more books then I do.
The kids do too!!

My world said...

cute picture of kara mae :0)