Thursday, January 13, 2011's Day 11!

Today was freezer organization day.
Thankfully my freezer wasn't HORRIBLE. I just needed to get rid of some things that had freezer burn and clean it up a bit.

Before: ewww gross spill on the bottom!

The bottom side container holds ice packs.
Above is my 1 bag of frozen veggies.
A few otter pops and frozen blueberries above that.
Way at the top I keep all the lunch ice packs.
Top shelf holds breakfast stuff.
Next shelf has my daughter's uncrustables for lunch.
Under that is the meat shelf.
The very bottom basket holds bagged items like pizza pockets, french fries, etc.
It looks really empty now!


Beth's Blog said...

looks good!

Megan said...

It's cold in here. Must be some Toros in the atmosphere.

Sorry, couldn't help it. Freezer looks good!