Monday, January 03, 2011

A nice looking desk!

Today was Day 2 of the challenge: Clean/Organize only the top of my desk.

The sad part is that this desk was clean a couple of days ago.

I moved my desk downstairs so I would use it more for my crafting, hair bow making, and actually place my laptop on it.

Up until now I have been doing all my creative work on my diningroom table....enough of that!

I re-cleaned the top AGAIN and I've started using my cute magazine holders that I snagged in the See Spot Save section at Target only a $1 a piece.

I also bought a cute little desk calendar from Mead for $1.

The tiered wire basket will start to hold my odds and ends items I use for crafting. I have my scissors and pencils in a cute striped pail that held a Christmas gift.

I also love that I can now use my mirror hooks to hold my clipboard and special doo-dads!

This was after I started to bring things to my crafting area to be put away..only they didn't find their home right away...

Starting to really love my crafting area. When I need my laptop out of the way I just close it up and slide it into the keyboard compartment of the desk....


Sally said...

Good job!! I'm glad you've found your happy crafting space. :)

Megan said...

I love the tiered wire basket. So much cuter than my plastic drawers!! I love how your space is clean and functional but still cute and fun instead of sterile. Yay Sabrina!