Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17 and 18 and a BIG day for Kara!

Yesterday was the first day I didn't get my post up on time!

Unfortunately my laptop caught a virus (really I thought all the viruses had left my house)!

Thanks to Sally's husband....the good ol' laptop is feeling better!! was a BIG day for my kindergartener. Kara earned 90% or higher on her last 5 story tests!! Our school lays out the "red carpet" for these students and we honor them at flag pole.

She has been talking about it for the past 2 weeks.

There's my girl! Cute little blondie with the pink backpack!

Ok now on to the challenges.

Day 17: Organizing my mail center....

I didn't really have one to speak of...more like what pile holds what bills!

My mom bought me the cute box when we moved into our first house. It's supposed to be for mail only I was using it to hold whatever I could stash in there.

I cleaned it out and now all the bills go inside along with stamps.

Next: I had bought this little guy a few years ago to use in my classroom..only I wasn't really using it. So I brought it home to use as my organizer in the kitchen.

Couldn't stand the bright blue when it was in the kitchen so I used some of my shelf liner and started doing this....

didn't take too long and I had this....

Put some file folders...would like some cuter ones but these will do.

I added labels in the these categories: Receipts, coupons, take out menus, store ads, Sabrina, Wayne, Kara, and Michael.

It sits on the counter right next to my trash can for easy disposal or recycling of old items.

Day 18: Organizing your Keepsakes!

I have all of my special keepsakes for each child in boxes on the shelf in their closets.

However, ALL school keepsakes are currently being kept in this stylish keepsake box!

Actually it isn't stylish at all but it's doing the trick so far.

I love Toni's idea of using binders to store important and memorable keepsakes. I definately want to start one for each of my 2 lovely kiddos.

not the cutest of keepsake boxes..but it's functional and made of recycbled material!

Some art work hangs on our wall. I let the kids pick what they want to hang up.

I have plans to organize all of Kara's stories she has written so far this year and all the ones she will be writing.

I have been keeping them all together (well mostly...stacked in the keepsake box) and plan on putting them in a binder.
Here are a few samples:

She said the black lines means it's foggy!

I see a princess. The princess danced.

I love this pony!
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Megan said...

I like the binder idea too. And I love that they get to hang some of their art. So cute.

And I'm kinda jealous of Kara's bright pink backpack.

C.C. said...

I love how you covered the bright blue box and I love how it's got an open design where you can see your files. Very nice. Glad you are back to blogging! I'm checking up on you all the time now! Have you ever used Malwarebytes anti-spyware software for your viruses? It is a must have free program for your computer. I just got a nasty virus yesterday but I zapped it right away with this software and the best thing is that it's a free download. Just google it for reviews and for the download. I always tell people about it.