Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 14: Under the bathroom sink (I have 2...lots of pictures)

I have 3 bathrooms but only cleaned out from under 2 of them. The bathroom sink downstairs doesn't hold much. A first aid kit and a couple of towels.

Bathroom Sink #1: Kids' bathroom

One half of the cabinet.

the other half....whoa I still have baby stuff!

My daughter's hair accessories. I really should buy stock in the Goody brand!

all this baby stuff! My baby is almost 4 years old!
Most was expired so I simply tossed it.
I did keep one of the pacifiers (his first in the hospital) and his baby brush.
hair accessories after. I sorted through them and placed them back into these jars.
The jars were used in my daughter's nursery.

Towels after: I moved them to the other side of the cabinet.

the cabinet closest to the toilet holds toilet paper and their stool.

Under the bathroom sink part 2!

Master Bath: my entire master bathroom was a mess. It's very easy for it to become that way because NO ONE ever sees it! I've included my bathroom drawers since they are a part of the sink.

my hair accessory drawer before

make up drawer before

lotions and hair tools before...they are in a container!

...and the other side....

after: nice and organized.....
I tossed out any expired products.
not much of a change except i pulled off the ugly label on the container.
I also weeded through my massive amount of lotions and foaming soap.
make up after: I need a skinny container.
My make up brushes are now in a cute canister that sits on top of my counter.
hair accessories after.


Sally said...

Everything looks awesome! Great job! We had baby stuff, too. :-/

Amanda said...

great job! i still have baby stuff from my first who is 5 now. i should see if they are expired. thanks for reminding me!

Megan said...

I love the cute jars you put Kara's hair stuff in!

Anonymous said...

Well done!