Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 12: Spice Cabinet

Yesterday was Day 12 of the challenge.
Task was to organize your spice cabinet. The cupboard that I use for my spices also stores all my vitamins and medicines. It is easier for us to keep them here instead of in one of the 3 medicine cabinets we do have.
I knew I had a lot of expired items between the spices and the medicine.

Before: A big mess! I have a bare spot on the left hand side where I used to keep my seasoning packets. They are now in my pantry.

I emptied it all out and went through everything! I had more expired medicine and vitamins than I did spices!

Shame on me! I had to get rid of a never been opened bottle of Women's One A Day (Costco size) because they were expired....since March of 2009!!

After: Spices are all on the left hand side and the lower right hand side. Bulk spices on bottom left and my miscelaneous spices are on the bottom right.
Above on the left hand side in the middle are all my cooking oils and above that is the baking spices.
Remember what my medicine/vitamins looked like? Now they are condensed down to 2 baskets on the middle shelf (right side). Vitamins are in one and Children's medicine is the other.

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Megan said...

And look, an empty shelf! I am still sort of avoiding my spices.