Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've Inspired someone!

My mom called and said that my grandma wants to do the 21 Day Challenge! I'm very excited to get her started. She isn't computer savy or anything so I'm going to be giving her all the challenges and then checking up on her sometime during the week.

Now today is Day 10 of the challenge: Clean and Organize the Laundry Room.
Mine wasn't too bad, but it was still bad.

The before shot....aww there's a lonely sock on the ground...

In between the washer and dryer...disgusting! A mixture of lint and some drops of soap...missed all that due to the fact that my ironing board usually fits in there along with a trash can.

The top of the washer. Everything is pretty much just thrown up there!
Poor Minnie Mouse doesn't know what to think. She's waiting on a good handwashing...
On top of the dryer is a broken washer pan....not sure why it was never thrown away....

Sticky soap residue on my beautiful washer!
I don't have my Shaklee yet to clean with so I use Method's Tile and Tub cleaner.

freshly mopped
The iron now stands behind the door.
And the trash can is in the pedestal drawer under the dryer.
I put gripper shelf liner on top of the washer..mainly so things don't go flying on while the washer is spinning!
The basket holds my iron, and some cleaners.
While cleaning I remembered that we paid extra money for the pedestals..not only so they would be at a higher level but also for storage!!
My detergent, fabric softener, bleach, spray n wash, and bleach pens are now tucked away where they belong.
What a lovely sight..and I don't have to worry about closing the door to it anymore!


Sally said...

It looks great! Yay for Grandma!

Tia said...

that looks wonderful!

Beth's Blog said...

looks good!

Amy said...

Looks good! i need to get cracking on that room! :-)

Becky said...'s so clean! Great job. I'm sure it was great getting everything organized!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun