Monday, January 10, 2011

Can we say.."Hoarders Bound"!

Day8: The Coat Closet or shall we say the Coat Closet of DOOM!!
I've been waiting for this challenge because I knew it would force (encourage) me to tackle the HUGE task of cleaning our coat/storage closet.
This closet is very deep and then turns and goes under the stairs. Wonderful storage space to be utilized, but I'm sure not the way I had been using it....until now!
I'm warning you...this is not a pretty's rather embarassing!
However, I am DETERMINED to complete this task!!
(sorry there are lots of pictures, but they are needed to see the transformation of this closet)!

Afraid to open the door...would you like to see why???

because of this...

...and this...

the 2 crib mattresses are on their way out...yard sale! We kept them for sleepovers at grandmas.

and this.....but wait...there's more!!

turn the corner and you will find all of this!

The view from my stairs...THAT IS A LOT OF STUFF!!

Nice and empty

Now for the after photos...
So much nicer!
The back corner holds special pictures and mementos.
The big box holds my fabric for different projects to be made this summer!
Some decorating pieces are in the crate.
Wow...Check that out!
The green and white basket holds our video camera, camera bag, and all the attachments that go with it.
The red floral bag (another 31 gifts tote bag) is currently holding all my hair bow making items.

This is what I have left to sort through.
Most of it is old documents. Tax papers, health insurance, etc.
I really need to get better organized like Sally did and put together some binders to hold all the important documents.

So going through these last boxes will be my extra task for the week....maybe even on Sunday!
Oh and does feel like I just gave birth!!!


Sally said...

Holy cow! Glad you lived to tell the tale!!!

Lisa said...

I linked to my Day 8 project at A Bowl Full of Lemons after you...and I had to laugh when I saw your description of "closet of doom".
I have a storage closet upstairs that I'm dreading going through that I usually call the closet of doom. But if you can do yours...I can surely tackle mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job! It looks terrific.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great job.

Jen said...

Wow! That's amazing! I am inspired by your courage, especially to tackle this project after work and still fit in time to workout (as if that closet wasn't a workout). Great Job!

Megan said...

I really want that closet. Actually, we have a similar closet that runs under the stairs but it's in the garage. It originally was a place where I imagined storing all our tubs of seasonal decorations. But in reality it holds all of Seann's climbing gear. And it looks a lot like your before pictures. And I'm not touching it!

Kristal said...

Awesome! I really like the way your blog looks, too. I think you are still a ways away from Hoarders. Keep up the good work!