Saturday, January 08, 2011

Finally a pantry to love!

Day 7 Challenge: Organize the Pantry!
I've been waiting for this one because my pantry was in dire need to be cleaned and organized!

Before: I just put things wherever they would fit!

The bottom shelves were the worst. That HUGE box of chips...yeah only had 1 little bag in it!
The very bottom was stuffed with plastic grocery bags, reusable lunch totes, an ice chest, and my summer BBQ plates.

This is all teh food that came out of that pantry...several things were tossed because of expiration dates.

more food..migrating across my stove!

So that's where the #4 has been hiding!
This is just disgusting!

After: Top 3 shelves neatly cleaned and organized.
You might notice that I found some of that cute green and white shelf paper at the Dollar Store this morning!
I also bought a label maker!! I have become a label makin' fool!
I told my husband that I just might label his liqour...joking (actually that's not a bad idea)!
Bottom of the pantry: The big purple basket now holds all the lunch size bag of chips. I put all our reusable lunch totes in a basket and of course labeled it.
My BBQ dishes are now in my cabinet with all the other "seasonal dishes"
Small ice chest is now in the garage with the other ice chests.

I put all the plastic grocery bags in this hand made bag holder. I didn't make it, but I bought it from a co-worker that was selling them to support a family that had suffered a terrible loss.

It's now hanging on a door hook that I picked up at the Dollar Store as well.

The whole pantry after.
I keep going back and looking's a lovely view!


Sally said...

Wow!!! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Violet said...

My kids' snacks are in a white washtub very similar to your purple one. Ours is on the top shelf, though, to keep the kids from sneaking snacks. :)

I just posted my newly reorganized pantry post HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

Looks great! Doesn't feel so good to get all this stuff organized. I love it!

Tia said...

Man! If mine looked that amazing I would keeping sneaking a peek too. :)

Great job!

C.C. said...

I love your truvia. Very nice!!!

My world said...

very nice