Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9: Toy Organization

I was relieved when I saw this challenge for today. After my BIG mess of a coat closet, I needed something a bit smaller....or so I thought.
This past weekend I had started to do some toy organization after I picked up some containers on clearance at Target.
My before picture is actually after I put a lot in the containers I had bought. As you can see before all those toys had been stuffing into 2 baskets...well and mostly strewn across the floor or pushed into the corner!

A modified before shot

Coloring table before

Half of their books! The each have a basket of books next to their beds.

Toy area after!
It is much nicer and cleaner. Someday I hope to have a shelf unit that all the containers can be stored on.
I had to go out and get a few more containers on clearance due to the fact that I went through all their toys...including the bedroom toys.
Now the majority of the toys are downstairs. I weeded out the ones that they no longer play with.
They each have a large basket in their rooms for all stuffed animals and then a bucket of random toys that are to stay in their rooms.
Coloring table after.
The coloring books and crayons are in the purple container next to the table.
The tubs on the table hold their Leapsters/Games and puzzles.
I took all their small puzzles out of the boxes, cut out the top picture and put them each in ziploc freezer bags.
Boxes won't get destroyed and it takes up A LOT less space!
Books after. I reorganized them and pulled out some that were too "babyish".
Those have gone to the ever growing yard sale pile!


Jill said...

you hae done a great job well done

Amanda said...

looks great! love the bins

queenbee1994 said...

Looks so much better. I love the organge container you used for books.

Sally said...

You're right. Containers make all the difference! Great job.

C.C. said...

sabrina, where did you find your coloring table? I'm looking for something small like that for the kids.

sabrina said...

My mom bought that at Michaels around 3 years ago for Kara's Christmas gift. She painted it for her.
I'm pretty sure they still carry them.