Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 15: Medicine and Vitamins

This was an easy one for me...because I already did it when I cleaned and organized the spice cabinet a couple of challenges ago.
I moved the adult medication up to our medicine cabinet in the master bath all except some cold/cough tablets (only because I forgot about them).
My shelf where I kept the vitamins and medicine was a mess! I had a gazillion cough syrup cups, bottles of medication and vitamins that had expired.

Before: on the right hand side top and middle shelf.

After: Vitamins in one basket and medicine in the other.
Thermometer fits nicely in between.

I had more vitamins than this at one point...but due to lack of usage (bad) they had all expired!

Medication...mostly the kids. Allergy, fever & pain reducer, natural cough syrup, and a couple of other things.

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Anonymous said...

well done!