Monday, April 30, 2007

39 Weeks...only 7 days to go!!

I am officially 39 weeks pregnant! Only 7 days to go until Michael is supposed to make his grand debut. This past Friday was my last day teaching and boy was I glad! Been very tired and have been having contractions off and on. Some will be every 5 minutes and then they jump up to every 10 minutes and back down to every 5 minutes. I have a Dr. appt on Thursday and we shall see what happens. My Dr. told me that if I am dialated nicely then we possibly could induce Saturday or Sunday. That made my day, so I have been busy walking and plan on jumping up and down on the bed!! I will do anything to help it along, well almost anything..won't drink castrol oil.
Hopefully these will be the last pregnancy pics I take. Don't you just love my farmers tan!! I was fortunate to get that on Saturday at a baseball game. If you look closely you can see Kara's feet behind me in the first picture!!

My close up.....I look like I am glowing but I really think it's what's left of my sunburn from Saturday!!

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My world said...

well sunburn or not i think you are glowing!!! i can't believe in a week or so we get to meet little michael, i'm sooo excited for you guys!