Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter at Grandma and Papa's...

We had lots of fun at grandma and papa's. Granny and Grandpa were there along with Tim, Corinna, Chelsea, Scarlett, Trevor, Uncle Billy, and Lacey. Kara can finally climb the ladder to the slide all by herself and isn't afraid to slide down. We had a nice yummy lunch and then the kids searched for eggs again. The older ones searched for real eggs and Kara hunted the much easier plastic eggs (filled with yummy goodies)! Enjoy the pics....
She barely stopped playing to pose for a pic with mommy....notice the look "ahh mom, let go"!!
Granny made some yummy cupcakes on ice cream cones!!

Kara's very full basket of "goody" filled eggs!

I managed to sneak a pic of Wayne and Billy!

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My world said...

hey miss kara mae I just wanted to tell you that you looked very cute in your little easter outfit(s) I hope the easter bunny came and spoiled you!!