Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ok, so many of you have heard me so many times stress about Kara not eating her veggies. We've tried everything, from hiding them in other dishes (she finds them), offering them to her with every meal (won't eat until they aren't on her plate), and giving her ranch dressing to dip them in. On a rare occasion she will munch on a baby carrot or two and I finally got her to eat mashed potatoes....however I wanted her to eat more of a variety. Searching around on the internet I came across other parents with the same concerns, yes I know, I am not the only one like I thought!! Anyways many parents suggested adding the veggies into a muffin recipe. I searched and searched and didn't find a recipe where I had everything handy at the current time so I bought a Betty Crocker (gotta love Betty) muffin mix in an apple cinnamon flavor. I grated 1 carrot up and added it along with the water. I made mini muffins so they would be easier for her to handle. This was just too easy I thought....15 minutes later they were done baking and now was the test....would Kara like them. JACK POT!!! She not only ate 1 but asked for seconds. I know this is only with carrots but I am hoping to try it with sweet potatoes, zucchini, and possibly spinach.
Don't they look cute and tastey!
Kara munching on a veggie/fruit muffin! Psst...don't tell her about the carrots!!

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My world said...

sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!! my mom used to hide veggies too!!