Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 2 and Week 3

Ok so I'm combining week 2 and week 3 of the weekly challenges for A Bowl Full of Lemons
I had my week 2 challenge done..I just forgot to take a picture of it and blog about it.
Week 2: Launch Pad...a place where things are to get out of the door faster.
Our coats get hung up in the newly organized coat closet that I did during the 21 day challenge. My purse hangs on a side table (keys are always inside my purse..well most of the time) near the kitchen...I grab it as I leave the kitchen in the morning.
All of our shoes...mostly mine and the kids go in this red basket that I picked up at Michael's last summer.
While getting the kids ready for school in the morning it is easy for them to get in the basket and pick out their shoes for the day.
Week 3: Recipe Binder
I don't actually have a ton of loose recipes laying around. Honestly I think I have maybe 4.
Most recipes I find online I just bookmark them and refer back to them when needed.
So I simply added a new tab to my Home Management Binder from week 1 challenge.
It's right behind the meal planning tab..which will come in handy, especially when I start to add more recipes.

I do have my recipe books that I refer to many times. I mostly use the famous Better Homes and Garden book that I got when we were married.

I actually used it today to make peanut butter cookies from scratch!
These books sit right next to my microwave.

I also have a recipe box that I had registered for when we got married.

it holds all the recipes my guests wrote down on 3x5 cards and gave to me at my bridal shower.

Maybe someday I will get these printed up onto regular paper and added to my recipe section of my binder...but I do love looking back at these cards from time to time.....
brings back memories from that day!

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Megan said...

If the recipe cards don't have anything on the back I would just tape them onto a piece of paper and stick them in the binder. Also a good idea to use page protectors--my recipes always end up messy!