Sunday, February 06, 2011

Shaklee is heaven sent!

Ok, so I already have the Shaklee Basic H Cleaner and I love it!
I've been curious about the Scour Off and my lovely friend Sally was kind enough to give me a small sample....
So I tried it on my stove...I was nervous about it because we do live in a rental and I didn't want to mess the top of the stove up..but something needed to be done to get rid of this ugliness!!!

I have no clue what it is from but it's there and must be removed!!

...and after! Isn't it amazing!!!!
Just took a small amount of scour off and some elbow grease!!
I would show you a picture of the scour off but I don't have one...yet.
..but if you click on Sally's name in the post you can see it there!


C.C. said...

wow i need to see if sally has something for my glass top stove. Hate keeping that thing clean!!! >: (

Linda Oldham said...

Wow! I started the 21 day challenge (from-a bowl full of lemons) and i'm still behind. My house does look way better and there will be less to move (bought a house-woot!) in a week. I'm thinking of trying these Shaklee products out, but seem to good to be true. Do they offer small samples? Hey I started a blog too! Check it out. I post some before/after pics.