Monday, January 28, 2008

Kara's Birthday Party

Kara had a great time at her "mini" party last night! Some family and friends came over to have some yummy bumble bee cupcakes and spoil her with wonderul presents!
I am also very excited because Kara can finally make the number 3 with her fingers...we have been practicing a lot.
The birthday girl!!
I'm 3!! Happy Birthday to Kara
our family...thanks Donnie for the great picture!
a close up of the bumble bee cupcakes I made her. I bought a silacone baking dish that was shaped like flowers and then used whipped frosting to make the bees on top.
My mom gave me the great idea to use sliced almonds for the wings...I was so proud of the end result...felt just like Sandra Lee!!
24 cupcakes!!!Tearing into her gifts
wow!! a computer..thanks grandma and papa
The star of the evening!

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