Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and a blast from the past

We all met up at Grandma and Papa's house to go trick or treating. Kara has been waiting for this night all week long! I even joined in on the fun and dressed up too. Kara was Tinker Bell, Michael was Peter Pan, and I was Wendy Darling. I tried to get Wayne to be Captain Hook but he wouldn't.So we had an Alien, a Pirate Wench, an Indian, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy Darling. We are a very diverse group
My Tink playing with some glow braclets and ignoring the camera. Tink always had a mind of her own and was a tad onery!
Chelsea, Scarlett, and Trevor!
And I happened to come across this picture....a blast from the past....

Donavan and I found these really cool ketchup and mustard costumes that we had to have!! And boy did we have fun with them (the next year we made them into crayons).

Here is also a very young Chelsea (purple witch), Scarlett (in orange), and Trevor the fire fighter. All before weddings and babies. Seems like forever ago!!

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