Saturday, October 06, 2007

5 months

It's hard to believe that Michael is already 5 months old. He is getting so big! Michael loves his cereal and veggies, except for peas. He is rolling over all the time and has even managed to roll completely off his blanket....the fun is about to begin! Michael loves to laugh at his big sister Kara and she loves to make him laugh. It is such a joy to watch the two of them interact with eachother.
Kara is growing up way too fast. Can't hardly believe that in 3 1/2 months she will be 3 years old! She is such an amazing little girl! Before we know it she will be in preschool! Don't even want to think about that. Potty training is....well let's just say....progressing very slowly. Somedays I think she is ready to go into panties and others not so much. She is very wishy-washy on telling us when she has to use the potty. I know eventually it will happen, just wish is was sooner rather than later.
When I get around to upload some photos I will share with all!
Until then......

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