Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fowler Band Review

Yesterday my parents and I headed down to Fowler to watch Chelsea in her very first Band Review. Corinna and Tim weren't able to make it due to Trevor's very last football game and Scarlett had a soccer game. Before the review even started we saw some excitement...the big 100+ car pile up, yeah we drove right by it...not a pretty site. It happened not long before we passed by it. I pray for all that are involved. Back to Chelsea...she did a great job, you could tell she was nervous. The Weaver Band place 3rd in most areas with a 2nd for Drum Major. Very proud of Chelsea and the Weaver Wild Cats Marching Band!
Practicing in the early morning fog..a little nervous
Waiting to beginThey are a nice looking group
Being called to attention by the Drum Major
Let the judging begin!!

They sounded GREAT!!

Chelsea looking very good in her "finest" all except the cute feathery thing that goes on top, I think it is called a plume.
She was very tired and happy that she made it through her first band review.

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