Thursday, April 27, 2006

The new house...

The new house is coming along great. We now have been here a little over 3 months and absolutely love it! So much better living in a house of our own instead of a small apartment. I got the wonderful idea in my head to get all the painting done right away.....well 3 months later and all I have to finish painting is the master bath and some trim work in the master bedroom. Kara's room is decorated for now, but Grandma Vivian is going to paint a mural in it. She has been over here a lot, so she is taking a break and won't start Kara's room for a couple of months. Many of you have see the house, however some haven't so I've included some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

This is a picture of Waynes office. My mom painted the bottom half of the wall to look like leather and the top half to look like parchment paper.

Wayne is a big John Wayne fan!

Wayne's black powder rifle. Also shows a bit of ceiling. I mixed a brown paint with glaze and applied it in a faux finish.

This is a shot of one end in the guest bath. I used a faux finish on the walls and applied tinted plaster in a fern leaf pattern using a regular stencil. The picture on the wall is an original Dean Marsh. He's one of my cousins...talent!

Another shot of the bathroom.

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