Thursday, April 27, 2006

More house pictures

Our fire place. My mom made the mantel and I distressed, painted, and stained it. The mirror is one of my mom's...she made it a long time ago.
A shot of my pictures above the couch. They are on loan from my mom until I aquire my own. They do go great with everything though.
My mom recovered the couch and love seat for us. Many will remember the grean floral print that was on them before. They look like brand new. She also made the coffee table and end table for us. Of couse she left me the wonderful job of staining!! Kara relaxing on the couch cushions while grandma was recovering the couch. This is the material that was on the couch and love seat before.
Another shot of the livingroom. My mom also made the skirting on my other table. And the beautiful flowers came from her very own garden. Such a wonderful mom!

This is a cabinet in my living room. It was painted by my mom and is on loan from her. I like it so much I don't want to give it back.

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