Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow it's been a really really really long time!

It has been a really, really long time since I posted!
I don't have any excuses except that Life has been busy!!
I have many many things to be happy about....
I completed my bootcamp at the gym and lost 10lbs and 14 inches in 2 weeks...yay go me!
I celebrated my 34th birthday and was Baptized 4 days later.
Such an emotional week!!

My self portrait...this really shows how happy I have been!

Now for a run down of events happening in our lives from now back to April (my last post was March).


Soccer and Camping!

It's that time season is upon us and we are excited that Rachel and Charlotte are playing on our team!!!

My mom made the banner again and did an awesome job!!

First game: September 10, 2011
Kara is the little blondie.
Camping: Labor Day weekend!
We joined the Rawlings for some more camping fun this year!
Adrian is all smiles because he caught some fish.
Wayne and Adrian took the kids fishing while Sally and I enjoyed the peace and quiet at camp....actually we worked out!
the kids and Wayne with that day's catch.
Lots of firsts!
Michael's first day of Pre-K
First soccer practice!
Rachel and Charlotte enjoyed their first practice ever!!
We took the kids to Discovery Kingdom and we rode an elephant named Valerie.
First time on and was fun!!

Summer time fun!
Happy 4th of July!
William's 1st 4th of July (love this little guy)!!
lots of fishing with daddy!
July 20: Kara lost her 1st tooth!
July 25th: First day of 1st grade!
I spent a week in Monterey at a Science Institute!
I spent a week in Monterey at a Science Institute. I had a blast whale watching, taking a transect survey at the Tide Pools, disecting fish, and more!
My coworker and friend Gorett was my roommate.
The kids loved this tank.
Wayne brought the kids up on the last day and we met up at the aquarium. It was Michael's and Kara's 2nd time time there (well Michael was only 12 days old the first time) and their first time visiting the ocean.
Kara had been to the ocean before but doesn't remember it at all.
This handsome little guy turned 4!
My big boy turned 4!!
Coloring Easter eggs with friends!
We gathered at my mom's house to color Easter eggs with Rachel and Charlotte.
Little William joined in on the fun!!

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Love looking at your blog you have a BEAUTIFUL family xoxo Ann Marie