Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry I've been gone...

It's been be a month since I've posted! My last post was about my Thirty-One Gifts package I received to set up my business.
Since then I have had a successful Open House, thank you to everyone that came and or ordered!
I had my very first party as a consultant this past Sunday and have another one tonight!
Very excited to be doing so well this early on...hope it keeps going!
Next Wednesday my very good friend, Sally, is having a party at her house.
Can't wait to meet all the wonderful ladies!
I was also asked to participate in 2 Spring Open House's in April...
I wish I could post some pictures but my stinky little laptop is being cranky so it's in time out!

If you are ever interested in hosting a party please contact me by clicking on the button on my sidebar.

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C.C. said...

That's awesome sabrina!!!