Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to YOU!
Hope you have had a wonderful Holiday Season so far. We've had a good one despite Kara and Michael being sick, Kara more than Michael.
I've been doing a lot more praying this month....I pray every night on a normal basis but the past couple of months I've been saying extra prayers...
So if you can say some prayers for some special people in my life I would greatly appreciate it...
1. June Vierra (wayne's grandma). Before Thanksgiving she went into the hospital with pains in her chest. We found out that she has congestive heart failure.
2. Molly niece Chelsea and Molly's daughter are best friends. Molly also works for the Weaver School District. She has had several surgeries on her head...they are trying to find a shunt that her body won't reject.
3. Miss Denisa....Kara's dance teacher for the past 3 years. Denisa went in for testing and found out she needed surgery....while in surgery they discovered that she has Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Denisa is a strong woman and has a wonderful outlook on her condition. Kara decided she doesn't want to dance anymore (hopefully she will go back) but we will be keeping in touch with Denisa!

Here are a couple of Holiday pictures for you to enjoy!
My mom's tree topper this year...isn't it cute!

Kara dressed in her PJs for her Christmas Show at school

Michael and his BFF (sorry Adrian) Tristan. Tristan is in the puppy dog shirt.

I adore this picture of Michael...this is his true personality shining through!

My sweet Kara...santa's little helper.

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