Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updates on our measurements.....

Ok so last night my mom and I had our measurements taken to see how we have done since we started with the trainer on March 5th.
So here goes:

weight loss: 5lbs
waist: lost 1 inch
hips: lost 1/4 inch
arms: 1 inch on each
left leg: lost 1 1/4 inches
right leg: stayed the same (go figure)
Body fat % went up........we think it's because I'm not eating enough calories with the amount of time I am spending in the gym. I was very bummed about this number going up but now that I know what I need to do I am going at it full force.

weight loss: 8lbs
waist: lost 2 inches
hips: 1 1/2 inches
arms: 1 inche on each
left leg: 1 1/2 inches
right leg: stayed the same (um yeah go figure again!)
Body fat % went down 3%

We are both really excited with our outcome so far! I love our trainer....she pushes us to the max but doesn't give us anything we can't handle.

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