Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Before Pics...........

Ok so I mentioned that I was going to post some before pics of myself and my mom. It's taken some time to do so because I personally have been going back and forth over which pictures I was going to post....the ones in just my sports bra and pants or fully clothed ones.....
I finally decided with the encouragement from some friends to just go for it and post the ones that I feel more exposed in. They are not the most flattering pictures of me but it is somewhat liberating to say..."hey this is what I look like under all the fabric!" I've been working very hard along side my mom for a healthier life. I have a goal in mind and for the first time I feel that it is attainable.
Front...taken 2 weeks ago



These are my mom's before pics.... taken 2 weeks ago


We meet with our trainer tomorrow night to be measured a second time. We will finally see how much body fat percentage we have lost and how many inches as well.
I am excited to see how we have done and can't wait to share with everyone.
To date since starting the gym I have lost 7.5lbs and my mom has lost 8lbs!

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