Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrifty Ice Cream Rocks!

After the pumpkin patch we took the kids to get a Thrifty Ice Cream at Rite Aid. This was their first time getting ice cream from there. Of course they wanted to use the money they earned to buy it and Kara insisted that she got to pay the lady!
Michael had to share his messy face...I love it!

My sweet mom...most likely she won't care for this picture but I love it! I love that sweet little grin that I've seen all my life.

sorry I just can't get enough of this sweet face
Now Kara is a serious ice cream eater. She licks every last drop from the spoon!

...again with the spoon

...now onto the cone....serious concentration going on there

my two cuties having a GREAT time!

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