Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redneck Party Pics....sorry it's a lot!

Corinna wanted to celebrate her 35th birthday party with a Redneck Theme. My mom and I planned the entire thing. We had a great time planning it and had a blast at the party!

It's a lot of pictures but I couldn't resist sharing them all.

Redneck Michael

more guests watching one of the games

I wish Kara would have stood up. She looked too cute
Redneck Tim

Cousin Brian won the Beer Can Casting game. This was his prize. Wayne and I made a redneck drinking hat!
The Birthday Girl all Redneckified!

My mom made this awesome faux outhouse!

My mom went bare foot and pregnant

It was hilarious!

Michael and my dad

Redneck Shot Put

I spent 2 hours one night stringing empty soda cans onto twine to make 20 feet of garland for the party. It came out too darn cute!

trying some frog legs

I made the cupcakes with the cute signs

the cake. 7lbs of chocolate!

Brian also won the redneck shot put for the men and one a day pass to pick n pull!

Brian...loved his costume!

More party guests!

Becky won the redneck shot put for the girls. Wonder what she will get at Pick n Pull?

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