Thursday, July 09, 2009


We've had a busy summer which has been good. Both kids went through swimming lessons at the college...Kara is doing a second session now and is doing really well compared to before. Now that Chelsea is 13 I've been able to have her babysit the kids for me so I can go to my classroom and run errands. She enjoys it (not a bad way to earn some cash) and so do the kids. Kara is always asking when does Chelsea get to do it again! Going camping this weekend and can't wait. Hope to get some good pictures to share. Here are a few from the past week:

Michael and Trevor at grandma's

Kara wrote her name for the first time!! I was sooo excited....probably more excited than she was!

Here's my little girl at swimming lessons. This is BIG deal for her. At the beginning of the summer she was afraid she would die if she went under water...not anymore!

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