Sunday, July 05, 2009


After spending the day at Corinna's we all headed over to our house for fireworks. The kids had a blast and we let them stay up a little later than usual so they could watch for the occasional big fireworks expload in the sky!Kara waiting for the show to start
I thought this was the coolest picture! My dad was helping Michael with a sparkler and this is how it came out in the picture.

Robert and his little Amanda (she is such a doll)!

Michael's ready

Joe. He wasn't very fond of the fireworks...I think he fell asleep in the middle of them.

Some of the "Big Ones" shot above the neighborhood

some more....

Ground Flower

Fountain...didn't last too long

My her bunches

This was sooo huge! The kids loved it! I couldn't believe that I managed to get a picture of it!
Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday with their families and friends. God Bless all the men and women fight for our Country!!

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