Thursday, December 11, 2008

So not cool!!!

Tonight when I came out to my car after Kara's dance class I discovered that some inconsiderent low life decided to smash in my driver's side window!! All of a sudden I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I tried to juggle holding Michael in my arms, keeping an eye on Kara, and deciding on who to call first! After I called Wayne and then the police I started thinking of all the things I had in my car......Digital Camera, Christmas gifts in the trunk, diaper bag, and several other things. Luckily the camera was still there (I honestly think they didn't see it because it was dark), Christmas gifts in trunk still safe.....oh wait where is the diaper bag? The idiot stole my diaper bag. No big deal some might say, it's just a diaper bag. Well it's a BIG deal to me!! Not only were there expensive diapers in the bag, but Kara had a couple of sweat shirts, Michael had some PJS and his favorite blanket and his Bear rattle blanket!! I know it could have been far worse and that all those things can be replaced, but I am really heartbroken over Michael's rattle blanket and satin blanket. The satin blanket is the one he came home from the hospital in. The rattle blanket he slept with since he came home. It wasn't soft anymore like it started out but he loved it...couldn't sleep without it. There were several times I drove back to my mom's house or my dad brought it to my house after it was left behind. I can never get that back!! It was something I was going to keep forever and then pass on to him.
I know he will survive without those items and I will just stinks big time.
Ok I'm done ranting and raving about this terrible experience for now, but I can't stand people who don't have a care in the world and have such a low disregard for others!

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Dara said...

JERK(S)!! I hope that person gets caught! I'm sorry about the blanket & rattle. Those are things that can't be replaced.

Enoch has a blankie that he absolutely cannot live without too. It makes me sad just thinking about the loss.

Oh, and someone broke into my parent's storage unit a few years ago and stole a box that was labeled "Dara's Memory box". All yearbooks, JR. high pics of us are gone. I won't be able to show my kids anything.