Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Pictures....just words

Ok so yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed. And let me tell you, being sedated is the way to go....I remember them telling me I was going to get sleepy very fast and then remember waking up and Wayne helping me to he car. I haven't had a lot of pain just some mild soreness...really haven't used much of the pain meds they gave me. I am counting my lucky stars that it hasn't been worse. Kara will be performing in her 1st BIG recital for Denisa's this weekend...can't wait. Potty training with Kara today hasn't been that great! 3....3 accidents..not fun. This really confuses me because Kara will tell you persistantly that she has to go potty when we are out shopping but at home she won't say anything. Why is this? If any of my few readers have been through the potty training escapades before and have any words of wisdom please share! Michael is doing good. He can point to your nose and tell you what it is, he is a climbing monster....just like his sister. Well I better go now, Michael has gotten a frying pan out and is banging it on the floor..oh yeah one more thing, he also will hit his head on whatever is near him when he is upset....WHAT FUN!!!

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Anonymous said...

Potty training is the single worst thing EVER!!! The only advise that I did is I put the potty in the room she was in, play room ect. so she could see it, and help remind her of it....then like clock work (set a timer if you have to) every 30min or hour depending on your pottier I would make her sit on it....just to keep it on the brain......put a basket of books by it or something that will make her sit for a few min. or so!! When she gets the hang of it...move it in to the bathroom like it should be. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!